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For the most part Dwarves are a proud boastful race and not afraid to tell you that. Quite the nation in their prime they were the only race able to stand against the Humans military might. Due to their mining they became quite wealthy and when it comes to arms they made some of the best ever.    Legend has it they chose their first king by deciding whose beard was best. In fact it is considered a common courtesy when in a professional environment to keep most of your beard tucked away in the upper class of Dwarves. Volrunn is the dwarvish term for True Beard.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Moldur Kingdom is known for their typical class structure with the top being ruled by the head of all the classes forming a council, with a king that leads the council and is the face of the nation.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Native to the Moldur Region there is now also a small subset known as the Aguarin that is found roaming the ocean and rarely seen on land.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

The common dwarves hold their beards as the pinnacle of fashion and beauty and bring it into their daily lives as it makes statements of the class you're in.    For dwarves in the higher classes or those in politics it is considered a nicety to keep your beard conservative by hiding the largest swaths of it. This is done as to not sway votes by those that are ignorant for just siding with the one with the largest beard.    In lower classes however it is considered a source of pride and subject matter. Especially in the miners class, it is often considered proper to let it grow out naturally to it's fullest extent.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship for dwarves is a long ordeal. It begins with courting the opposite gender which typically lasts a year, and then the Throwing of the Ring, which has a wedding following in 6 months time.

Average Technological Level

Known for having the overall largest tech advancements in Tomeria, the dwarves of the Moldur Kingdom had perfected the use of gunpowder in cannons, firearms, and other uses far before the rest of The Continent.

Common Etiquette Rules

Depending on which class of society you are in the etiquette changes. In the working class it's the most typical dwarven affair but when you reach the noble class their is a unique common courtesy of keeping large parts of your beard tucked in. This is done in honor of Vulrunn the first dwarven king who's beard was reportedly so long he began tucking it in.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Known for their brashness, intelligence, and hardiness, dwarves in Tomeria's culture oftentimes reflects that. With the exception of their slums the dwarves take a pride in all their work which leads even the more rundown taverns being a cry above an equivalent tavern somewhere on the rest of The Continent .   Drinking is a large part of dwarven culture and it is considered an afront to turn down a drink. In fact a key part of the torture in a dwarves hell is the scene of a tavern with plenty of tankards all dry.


Legend has it dwarves were first made from Absolace during the Era of the Ancients and came to power similar to Elves during the Era of the Originals.    They are native to the Moldur Region and have always retained control over it after the fall of the Ancients and have been a dominant power of The Continent since.    Historical legends also tell of two rare subraces of dwarves that aren't commonly seen in the modern era of Tomeria, the Aguarin and the Duergar. It isn't clear to the masses why these subraces broke off though and they remain shrouded in myth and legend.
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