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The Aguarin are a rare and often unheard of subrace of Dwarves that live predominantly at sea. A seafaring nation that is known for their unique metalwork and tailoring due to their underwater nature.    At sea all their lives they have permanent large vessels and another permanent home deep in the mountains of the ocean.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Adura, Adda, Ludwigia, Myria, Crea

Masculine names

Sargas, Chrondrus, Klep, Kein

Family names

Similar to the normal dwarven naming schemes with more of an emphasis and tie to aquatic minerals and plants.


Culture and cultural heritage

Proud craftsman just like the dwarves on land, they take great pride in their work. They are also extremely proud to not be beholden to the land and consider themselves superior to many land dwarves as they are constrained to the mainland and dont have their full personal freedom.

Average technological level

Due to the Aguarin's attachment to the Rygan  rocks that reside on the sea bed and their inherent sea dwelling nature they are the most advanced culture when it comes to naval technology.    They've even come so far as having underwater vessels known as Murka and large motherships that they launch from known as Whea'as.

Common Dress code

The dress amongst the Aguarin is unique in that it commonly contains a metal crafted from an ore not found outside the underwater realm they call home.    This metal is found oftentimes in large amounts of rings, bracelets, earrings, and piercings upon both genders.    When it comes to the colors it is oftentimes reflective of the colors found in a coral reef featuring deep greens, dark maroons, and other such colors.

Art & Architecture

The Aguarin are quite proud of their craftsmanship in their extremely large ships, putting exquisite detail into every facet of their ship. From the prow, to the railings, to the bunks, every bit can take years to build as the ships are their entire livelihood for the Aguarin.

Coming of Age Rites

When an Aguarin comes of age they are entrusted to create their very own personal vessel, an underwater or above-water ship, that they will build themselves over the course of a year. This is a long process and serves as their first ship when they move off to their large permanent vessel that they will reside on for the rest of their lives.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty to an Aguarin is that that resembles something very ocean-like in nature. Commonly pleasant hair colors for typically a shade of red similar to the coral that commonly lives in the underwater mountains they call home.

Gender Ideals

The Agaurin are very progressive in nature and you'll find both genders commonly doing any given job on their vessels. The Agaurin King and Queen both hold equivalent power and nothing can be done until both find themselves in agreement.
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