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History of Tomeria

The history of Tomeria is split into Era's. Before recorded history there was the era of the Ancients which was a time where little written history was made.    Everything beyond that has been much more recorded and is marked by a significant event or major happenings over time.

Ancient's Era

10,000 > 0 A.E.

The beginning of discernable time, this was an age ruled by colossal creatures of unfathomable power.   During this period was when the original races of The Continent took their place in Tomeria.

  • Approximately sometime inbetween 5000 and 3000 A.E.
    War of the Ageroth Ancients
    Military action

    A terrible war that led to the demise of the Ageroth Ancients as they were known and began their fall into myth and legend. It also founded most of the races that now rule and populate the Ageroth Mountains.   The war was divided into two sides:   Avians Led by the Roc's and the legend of a Phoenix who was known as a Prophet. Other lesser Ancients such as Perytons, Pegasi, and Hippogrifs aided the Roc's. Their goal was to push the Dragons away from the Ageroth Mountains for their callousness to the needs of the other Ancients in the mountains.   Dragons Led by the dominant Gold Metallic Dragons albeit the war was caused by the predominantly evil Chromatic Dragons as their inherent evil nature caused much strife amongst the Avians. However the Metallic Dragons considered them family and still came to their aide once the war began.

Era of the Originals

1:0 > 1:3000

The era after the Ancients fell into mostly myth, legend, or obscurity and the original races of The Continent took rule over Tomeria with the influence of the Creation Pantheon taking hold as the Ancient's power waned.    This era also led to the introduction of the humans into Tomeria.

  • 1:0
    The Rupturing
    Geological / environmental event

    A massive geological break in the island of Pelata that caused it break apart and form the The High Seas Archipelago. The causes are unknown but the native Genasi of the region tend to commonly believe in The Rupturing myth.

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Era of Ascension

2:0 > 2:300

A time that began with the rupturing in the High Seas Archipelago and Humans rose to prominent power on The Continent.

  • 2:1
    Founding of Almont

    The first major human city, Almont, is founded and named the capital of the new Bridor Kingdom

  • 2:89
    Founding of Alfheim

    The Elven City States band together to create a new city state called Alfheim to directly oppose the humans of the Bridor Kingdom.

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Era of Endless Aggression

3:0 > 3:751

The era that marked the beginning of the longest war ever known as many nations entered and withdrew from the war during this time.

  • 3:0 > 3:751
    War of Endless Aggression
    Military action

    A long period of constant warfare lasting hundreds of year that ravaged most of The Continent toppling powers of old and creating new and dynamic power struggles. Ended with the seat of power being a multinational capital known as Destus.

  • 3:191
    Battle of Cataclysm
    Military action

    The Battle of Cataclysm was a massive battle that involved the most major heroes from all sides and resulted in a massive explosion which split the Kolvish river and produced what became a large lake.

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Colonization Era

4:0 > 4:896

The era in which Destus rises to prominence as the main power in The Continent. This begins an era of colonization on the newly discovered Archipelago, Wayfor Island, and others.

  • 4:1
    Founding of The Empire

    The Empire is founded officially ending the War of Endless Aggression  and the start of a new era.

  • 4:150
    The Outpost is Founded

    The Outpost is founded in the The High Seas Archipelago marking the start of the Colonization period in Tomeria.

    Additional timelines
  • 4:350
    Colonization of Wayfor Island
    Military action

    The attempted start at colonization of the Wayfor Island   that results in a long drawn out war as the Empire struggles to gain a foothold on the island.

  • 4:500
    Colonization of the Woods of Jira
    Population Migration / Travel

    After what was widely regarded as a failure in the attempts to colonize Wayfor Island, the Empire tries an attempt at encouraging the population to begin moving on the Woods of Jira in a less direct attempt at colonization.