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Fjorjar Craftsmen

The Fjorjar Craftsmen are a group of people that worship the dwarven god of the forge, Fjorjar, and seek out different methods of crafting all over the world.


The guild is a very large and spread out one, reaching far across The Continent with a smithy in the most major city in any given region. Each smithy has a Forgemaster who will periodically meet with the others in High Moldur once every other year to pass on new techniques and knowledge gathered.   The Forgemasters all together form the Fjorjar Council which only ever tends make decisions when governments, typically the Moldur Kingdom begins to impede and start demanding things.


Fjorjar Smiths are curious people who are always trying to discover knew techniques to further refine their craft. Those that become too old for the constant worldly travel oftentimes return to their home but never quit crafting and instead find solace in passing on the knowledge they once learned.

Public Agenda

To learn and spread all the knowledge in forging techniques they can. This oftentimes has put them at odds with the dwarves in the Moldur Kingdom as while the guild is predominantly dwarves, they are not entangled in the Moldur government or bound in anyway.

Mythology & Lore

Founded off the legend of Fjorjar questing amongst the Ancients and Minor Gods of the world to take in the differing styles of weapons and armor they used and put that towards crafting the ever escaping perfect variant of all these weapons.


The guild is for the most part pretty lax when it comes to the lifestyle one leads. The line is drawn however when it comes to hiding away secret documents and plans as they believe in the full freedom of information regarding forging.    To hide away information for personal gain is the ultimate sin in the eyes of the Forgemaster council and depending on the severity the punishments range from simply being cast out of the guild to death.

Anvil and Hammer, We seek out all

Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
Fjorjar Smiths


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