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Adamantine Caste

The highest caste in dwarven society. While technically most castes are more of a societal status than a rule of life, those in the Adamantine Caste are directly involved with the High Moldur government and represent all dwarven workers and nobles.


The caste is for the most part, a simple societal group with no real organization. They are made up of several different families. To come to a decision for their vote in the Veined Guilds they just come to their own agreement which is then fed up to the Adamantine Spokesman.


The Veined Guild is known to be a pompous organization to all of the kingdoms of The Continent. In High Moldur however, those that work with them also know them to typically be quite intelligent, well educated, and wealthy beyond belief. As they are meant to be the representatives of the lower castes it has led to an instilled sense of responsibility within the caste. This is sometime betrayed by the egotistical nature that comes with it but by and large throughout its history they have held that responsibly nobly.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the Adamantine Caste changes based off how the businesses, workers, trade, and other facets of the lower castes is going at the time. They are in charge of representing the workers and nobles which includes working with unions, rich noble groups, and some cross work with the other Veined Guilds.


The Adamantine Caste is the richest of all the Veined Guilds and cumulatively has more money than any one group with the possible exception being Grimm who always has one of their higher ups apart of the Adamantine Caste.   Other assets of the Adamantine Caste include the large number of workers and nobles. This gives the caste much sway in expansion efforts as they represent the full workforce of the Moldur Kingdom.


The caste is made up of some of the oldest families from High Moldur. After a period of time working together, there were some generous heads of the families including the most powerful the Adamantine Family  Noticing the miserable state the miners of the Brazch Mining Company were working in, Targruff Adamant banded together the families and formed the Adamantine Caste.

Achieving greatness to represent others that could not and bring it to them

Predecessor Organization
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