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The Empire is the dominant power on The Continent and is a multinational and racial kingdom.


The government is ran first and foremost by the Emperor. While not holding absolute power, the Emperor is a powerful figurehead and political powerhouse.   Along with the Emperor there are 3 branches of government, the Senate, Council, and Assembly.   Senate   The Senate is a group of 100 people and is in charge of the budget, advising the Emperor, and is able to issue decrees in states of emergency such as natural disaster, war, or unrest.   Those that serve on the Senate serve for life, and are chosen by the council.   Assembly   The Assembly is the branch of government that holds the majority of the power over the laws of the land. The assembly is 500 people that represent the middle and lower class workers along with guilds and independent organizations.   Council   The Council is a group of 12 that advises the Emperor and also works to carry out their plan of governance. They are also in charge of the military.   The Council members serve for 10 years and are chosen by the Assembly.


The culture of the Empire is as diverse as the lands it contains. Due to the large amount of different villages, city-states, and even kingdoms that culminated in it, the Empire contains a very varied cultural set while maintaining a core religious belief in the Creation Myth.


The Empire is a very wealthy organization due to it's abundance in great land and temperate climate. This has led to a well outfitted standing army, a decent sized navy, and lots of luxuries throughout the kingdom.


Near the end of the War of Endless Aggression  the human king Frederick XII died, leaving the throne with no heir and instead George the Great took over. Frederick had left George plans for a multinational capital called Destus which George the Great brought to fruition.

Demography and Population

Due to the Empire being mainly a combination of the Bridor Kingdom and the     the majority of the population is human and elves, especially after the Moldur Kingdom withdrew. However, the further west you go, the dwarf and halfling population increases dramatically especially in the north and southwest regions respectively.


The Empire covers the central region of The Continent and through the Halfling Nations   large swaths of the Randurth Desert and Randurth Highlands.   During the Colonization Era the Empire also went to great lengths to colonize territories in Wayfor Island, Woods of Jira, Ageroth Mountains, and The High Seas Archipelago.


The majority of the military power in the Empire is held by the various Legions.


The Creation Church is the dominant religious organization and is widely held throughout the Empire. After the Empire had taken root, during the early period of the Empire it was deemed benefical to meld all the similar major and minor deities together to create a sense of unity within the empire.    This led to the crusades by the Legions and eventually the modern religion as it is seen now.

Foreign Relations

With the exception of the strong trading partner, the Moldur Kingdom , the Empire has no major threats on The Continent .   During the early era of the Colonization Era the Empire and outside nations remained impassive towards each other. However, once the Empire's internal struggles had been solves they quickly began attempting to colonize outside lands leading to much confrontation with many different peoples and kingdoms in places like Wayfor Island, The High Seas Archipelago   , and the Woods of Jira.


The infrastructure varies throughout the Empire with Destus seen as the pinnacle in infrastructure only matched or exceeded by High Moldur  The Empire is known for it's extensive cobblestone road network across the majority of the land which led to the Legions being able to quickly travel and put down uprisings that were commonplace during the early years.

"To end the aggression of the past, we must look to the future"

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Alliance of The Continent
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Executive Body
Official State Religion
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations

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