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Bridor Kingdom (bree-door)

The largest of the human kingdoms that eventually formed them into one larger kingdom before leading them in the War of Endless Aggression . Eventually assimilated into the Empire.


A fuedal kingdom with the simplified heirarchy consisting simply of a King at the top, usually through family bloodlines, followed by nobleman who are of families in important positions throughout the kingdom. Lords are typically those in charge of a specific fiefdom, and peasants at the bottom.


The culture of the Bridor Kingdom follows mostly around the history of humanity on The Continent. It is a proud and stubborn kingdom with it's people following closely believing they were destined for great things. Unlike the longer-lived races native to The Continent the people of the Bridor Kingdom were brash and always chasing the next big thing.   This led to wide success in their earliest efforts to stake lands and take advantage of the new technology, animals, and farmland available in Albion. They were quick to take and as proud as any once they had it and would staunchly defend it generation to generation much to the confusion of the Elves their main rivals in the area.   The Bridors were an innovative people as well, always looking for a new strategy, a new way around a problem, or a new loophole in a law. This led others to consider them an unstable people especially by the Halflings in the deserts and plains to the west, but proved great success to the survival of humans on The Continent.

Public Agenda

The Bridor Kingdom was hailed as proof that humanity was here to stay on The Continent and would prove to be one of the strongest powers of Tomeria. While many races still considered them newcomers and that they were not fit for the lands they had claimed, the Bridor Kingdom both proved an intimidating defense against any power wishing to take it and also a leash to those more aggressive human fiefdoms that would typically foray straight to war as they had in the past.


While the lands of Albion held many new wonders for the humans that made up the Bridor Kingdom, the most important asset actually proved to be horses. While physically slower than elves who typically did not use mounts, horses brought over from unknown shores allowed humans to thrive in combat to stake lands over the lush terrain of Albion.


The Bridor Kingdom began with the founding of Almont by Uther Bridor in 3:1. While at this time the kingdom was only made up of two fiefdoms, former individual kingdoms joined together through marriage, it signified a change in humanities course on The Continent as humans were done simply fighting other races to establish a foothold and were now turning on each other.   The newly found Bridor Kingdom then turned towards uniting the other kingdoms shortly after a pair of Elven city-states had agreed to join together to form a new City State to focus on stopping the human expansion. This city became known as Alfheim.


The Bridor Kingdom was extremely successful and frankly too much so for its own fate. It would be the strongest proponent of a new empire that spanned The Continent bringing in all races and nations together and at the start of the 4th Era the Bridor Kingdom would be absolved into it.


The Bridor Kingdom was known for its heavy cavalry and effective use of longbow archers. In a first for humans the Bridor Kingdom actually engaged in trade to receive Elven Elms which drastically improved the power and range of the humans' longbows.    While most of the human kingdoms had transitioned to a crossbow after engaging in skirmishes with some dwarves, the Bridor Kingdom still outfitted it's more veteran military forces in the longbow to much effect.


Like most humans the Bridor Kingdom heavily worshiped the god of order Orn. Other gods within the pantheon were also worshipped but not nearly to the extent of Orn with the exception of rural communities and the goddess Sprigg.

2:1 - 4:1

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Successor Organization
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official State Religion
Related Species

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