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The Creation Church

The era of modern religion in Tomeria started during the Colonization Era and it is when many of the major and minor deities became combined with the differences simply being seen in their individual aspects or personalities. While it has spread somewhat to the <br>Uncommon Races<br> and <br>Exotic Races<br> this is mainly only true for the <br>Common Races<br>.     This can be seen in the numerous gods of the forge being assimilated into the Dwarven god of the forge, Fjorjar. For example while humans might've originally worshipped the god Hamdor those that still learn of Hamdor simply know him as the human aspect of Fjorjar.


This begun with the creation of the multinational capitol of Destus as a way to bring the <br>Common Races<br> together. While originally met with stiff resistance especially in smaller villages, major crusades by the Legion ended up squashing all resistances and the worship of the old gods became a hidden and quiet thing.

Mythology & Lore

Religious, Organised Religion
Permeated Organizations

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