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Arcane Rails

A dwarven creation from the Moldur Campaign, there is only one in existence and considered a hallmark for the Moldur Kingdom's technological and enchanting prowess. A rail system that runs throughout most of High Moldur allowing for quick transportation throughout the mountainous and difficult city.


When government use is involved it typically involving quick transportation of important supplies, troops in case of uprising, or important leadership. While any company can buy into it, it is mainly used by Grimm for transporting more valuable or sensitive materials.


To create this technology, it was a national endeavor involving the use of steel from Vast Steel Company , the famous wizard Fando Yurther for the casting of the spell, and numerous "beard-revels" the Moldur slang for blue collar workers.

Social Impact

The impact from the development and creation of the Arcane Rails solidified the Moldur Kingdom as the technological power of The Continent even surpassing the Empire. It also further cemented High Moldur as an unassailable city giving the Moldur Kingdom the ability to move mass amounts of soldiers quickly and efficiently.    Notably the Arcane Rails have been attempted elsewhere to numerous failures. It is said by many that the Vast Steel Company  was given money by High Moldur to keep the steel used a secret and unavailable for other nations to keep Moldur at a competitive advantage.    The Arcane Rails are also a huge tourist point bringing in large numbers of wealthy folk from the Empire and Halfling Nations.
Access & Availability
While open to the public, government use is first and foremost and at any point in time is able to overtake it for it's own needs. Beyond that it is quite expensive to use the Arcane Rail, thus leading to it being predominantly a tourist and upper class boon.
The Arcane Rails are a complex, costly, and time consuming feat. It also involves an insanely powerful arcane magic user capable of casting the Reverse Gravity Spell in a very focused manner. That Reverse Gravity is then captured in a powerful Arcane Reservoir and imbued in very specific spots throughout the rail.    The rails themselves for the cart are actually a very high quality steel to support the charge of magic as the trams interact with them.
Research began during the time after the War of Endless Aggression  when there was the mass influx of arcane magic wielders to the Moldur Kingdom. An idea was formed of using the enchanting process the kingdom had excelled at due to the combination of the large numbers of Gnome's that lived there being resistant to the arcane magic in the enchanting process, and the dwarves excellent smithing abiltiies to build the perfect Arcane Reservoirs.

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