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Akama (awk-uh-muh)

A traditionally large tribe of Orcs that are famous for their holding of the Kesser Pass in the Battle of Vaak.


The Akama Tribe is structured like most Orcish tribes and is built around both power, magical ability, and experience. Their leadership culminates in a tribunal with one leader representing the best of each of these categories.   During times of peace experience gets the say in actions requiring fast decisions, while power gets it during wartime.


Like many of the Orcish tribes that eventually assimilated into the Moldur Kingdom the Akama tribe was a peaceful tribe relative to other more traditional Orc tribes. It never laxed its focus on the warrior training, but rather used that focus to engage in selling their prowess rather than raiding for it.    Family was core to the Akama tribe like all orc tribes. While fathers were oftentimes killed early on in a child's lifetime, those deeds were oftentimes badges of honor the children would carry until they made their own mark on the tribe. The women of the tribe traditionally performed many tasks such as hunting, cooking, construction, and more making them quite well rounded and more versatile than the average human.

Public Agenda

Due to the forming of this tribe during the War of Endless Aggression  the Akama tribe's main goal was always focused on the tribes survival. This is what led to them agreeing to become an independent state within the Moldur Kingdom in exchange for their swords against the Alliance.


The Akama's greatest asset was their ferocious fighting abilities, manpower, and experience, multiplied by the fast reproductive cycle of Orcs.    They were lethal warriors, typically capable of 3:1 odds against a normal soldier from the Alliance and are famous for their performance at the Battle of Vaak.


The Akama tribe was the result of multiple smaller tribes merging together during the War of Endless Aggression . The fighting had left all the tribes weak and they had no allies they could fully rely on anymore due to the typical orcish nature. This led the various smaller tribes to come to terms with their situation and agree to ally with the Moldur Kingdom . They gave up some of their independencewhile able to keep their autonomy within the Kesser Province in exchange for providing 500 troops at any given time that were explicitly under the command of the Moldur Army till the wars end.


The Akama tribe as it was once known is no more as of the early years of the Colonization Era. Due to the rising population and expansions of towns and with it civilization, the Akama tribe felt it best to move onto the newly established Land of Orcan and join the new Orcish kingdom assimilating themselves into it.

3:550 - 4:100

Geopolitical, Tribe
Successor Organization
Leader Title

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