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Kesser-Dryad War

A war in the Kesser Province that was waged between the settlements and surrounding nature spirits.

The Conflict


The War of Endless Aggression  had just broken out across The Continent with the Moldur Kingdom's direct involvement. This led to many of the settlements across the Moldur Region to expand in anticipation of the increase in required resources to fund the military campaigns.    What had traditionally been minor skirmishes with the native dryads and other nature spirits had now increased in number as the settlements expanded. It was orchestrated by the druid Daire who had gained ill will towards Owlglow after they slaughtered his entire elk herd even after they had a treaty for a limited number of elk to be hunted to prevent extinction in the local area. After the druid flooded a large portion of the village's fields, the locals torched his house and slaughtered the creatures left there.


While the citizens of the Kesser Province had been the ones to stoke the anger of the dryads by infringing on their areas, it was the nature spirits that struck first. The first settlement that was attacked was to be Owlglow the smallest of the settlements in the Kesser Province and former domain of Daire.


The settlements were all attacked at some point during this war. Due to the nature of the conflict, the citizens of the Kesser Province usually found themselves forced on the defensive as the dryads were highly concealed and could move fast through the trees themselves.

The Engagement

The dryads traditionally engaged by first sending massive roots through the defenses of the settlements and then by causing chaos through sending massive amounts of leaves, small sticks, and bark through the town. They would then strike with the bulk of their actual physical forces to destroy mills, ravage buildings, and release livestock before leaving the town.   These strikes were fast and typically only lasted for 10-15 minutes form the time they've been struck to them disappearing.


In the near term the war caused dissaray for the Kesser Province's production and for the Moldur Kingdom in the War of Endless Aggression . This ended up leading the Human's in the war to a good start.    In the @Kesser Province itself, production was nearly halted for up to a year after the war, with the settlements left in survival mode from the ravaging the nature spirits had done. It is suggested that while the official war was over the spirits continued to cause the slowing of crops and blighting fields to continue to hurt the villages.    The settlements that didn't make treaties with the nature spirits and instead ran them off or killed them, found themselves reaping bountiful harvests as they didn't have to worry about repercussions and quickly grew as the mainstays for supplying the Moldur Army.


Those settlements that had made a treaty with the nature spirits typically held profitable long-term effects with bountiful harvests, strong lumber, and an added layer of advisement and protection for the settlement.    Those that didn't often had to struggle even more come the harsher winters and due to the over-farming, logging, and overall use of natural resources, found themselves slowly withering away into a shadow of their former glory.

Historical Significance


The Kesser-Dryad War is rooted in the history of the region and many towns finding themselves in a much higher reverence and respect for those creatures of nature. Towns like Silvergrove even found themselves revering their local dryad as a leader of their town and working side by side with them.
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Some settlements made peace with the local spirits while others pushed and razed them out entirely.


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