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Crying Sea

Oceans worth of Tears

Written by Endrise

We didn't expect to find a sea here either, but I guess natural wonders happen even in the darkest pits of the Subterrane.
— Drow Sailor

Amongst the many cave systems of the Subterrane lies one particular lake. Known by locals as the Crying Sea, it is considered one of the more well-known bodies of water deep below. With a few societies making their homes at its shores, it is also home to many legends.

A Rainy Sea

Due to its position beneath the Crescent Sea, water dribbles down into the cave below. As such, the roof is filled with countless stalactite formations. Over the span of millennia, said droplets gathered together on the floor, turning the cave into a damp yet massive lake. With its constant downpour and massive size, the nickname of the Crying Sea was born.

Life beneath the ripples

Beneath the rippling surface of the sea lies many aquatic creatures, although only a few have been uncovered by civilisation. From the basics of cavefish to troglobites, the Crying Sea is home to many forms of life living in its waters.

Due to the constant downpour, most creatures don't delve near the surface. As such, most activity lurks deeper below. Sailors report huge monsters visible in the depths while others claim to see humanoid creatures swimming about.

Civilisations at Sea

Despite the dampness, some societies live on the shores, using the body of water to hunt for fish. And with the aid of ships, sea routes are established between the settlements.

There are some that live on islands formed by the growths, nicknamed the Pillar Folk. Build around stalagmite formations, their towns hang suspended above the sea. Due to their location, they rely solely on what both the sea and trades provide, with some developing into large trading hubs.

Alternative Name(s)
Sobbing Sea
Rainfall Caverns
Location under

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Cover image: GoldGreen Set - Geographic Location Cover by Vertixico


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