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Heavenly Body

Written by Endrise

You ever looked upon the moon and thought: what do you think lives on there? Surely it can't be anything we can find here, right?
— Stargazer

Fabulae's Moon is one of the few places that everyone has once in their life seen, but none have yet explored. A crated-scarred grey landscape that lights the night sky, going through its many phases as the months pass by. So close, yet so far.

Tidally locked with Fabulae, astronomers try to speculate what exists on the opposite side. Many cultures see it as the home of gods, with most having traditions or myths associated with it.

The Lunar Body

The Lunar Flock

The Lunar Flock is a small asteroid field that follows the moon, caused by what many believe to be a large impact long ago. Due to the constant movement around Fabulae, they follow the moon as it moves across the night sky.

Many theories exist on what the Lunar Flock's reason for existing is. Ideas range from mere comets to divine conflicts, a natural formation or an accident by something greater. Some beliefs also associate them with a moon deity: their children, their pets, devoted followers, lovers, etc.

Noticeable Craters & Locations

  • Starmark: One of the bigger craters on the moon, known for its seven-pointed design. Rumoured to be the resting spot of a fallen Angel.
  • Torõrutsuki Cluster: A collection of craters on the bottom left said to be the home of Torõrutsuki, goddess of the moon and fishing.
  • The Dark Side: The unknown side of the moon, not visible from the surface of Fabulae. Home of many legends and tons of speculation.
Estimated Diameter
±1,700 kilometers
Distance from Fabulae
±380,000 kilometers
Planetoid / Moon
Location under

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Cover image: Geographic Location Cover by Endrise


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