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Broken Memories

Written by Endrise

Who is going to judge you here? It is a lawless landscape run by a bunch of nobodies who came here first. If you don't bother disturbing the people in charge here, you can do whatever you want without a worry.
— Silvian explorer

Silva is a region of Sichelan, lying northeast on the continent. Once the home of the Elven Kingdoms, two major wars tore it all down and left behind mere ruins.

Centuries after the wars, factions now fight over the land and the borders between one another. People seek the truth amongst the remnants of the area, scavenging elvenkind’s past for all kinds of things. From the lost relics of their arcane knowledge, to creations forgotten by time.

Divided Lands

A Brief History

Silva once was home to the Titan Avani, who, during Prehistoria, protected the Antomniae people that would become Elves. Her presence affected the environment, causing the region’s plantlife to prosper around her. But when at the end of the Tri-Realm War she perished, her death causing the growth to slow down. All that remained were the Elves themselves.

They soon grow to become their own kingdoms ruling over the region. Constant research in the arcane helped advance their society in major ways, learning magic and spellcasting that became the basis for modern-day mages. Knowledge that made them grow into a major power.

When settlers of Origionne emerged, the Elves accepted them at first. Two powers grew on either side of the world: the Great Sangfroid Empire and the Elven Kingdoms. Besides a few border conflicts, the two remained allies in the growing society. Until the Star Plague happened.

Once the pandemic spread across Sichelan, the Elves refused to help the empire of Sangfroid in fighting it. Isolating themselves in the east it led to conflict with the west.

From it rose the anger of current empress Velda Sangfroid, enraged by their betrayal. Through a scorched earth campaign, they tore through Silva, laying waste upon the kingdoms. By the end of the so called Blazing War, only a few survived surrounded by occupying forces.

Harsh times made the major infrastructure of Silva crumble, leaving many cities and towns in ruins. Its civilisation displeased with their neighbours led to sour times, even with the attempts of de-escalation by Aulek Sangfroid. What followed were years of trying to fix the alliance between both sides, which only seemed to worsen with propaganda spreading.

All of it fell apart during the Great Sangfroid War when Caesar Sangfroid tried to assimilate the last remaining kingdoms. In a war that took several years and left behind more collateral damage, it led to a full collapse of major governing bodies. All that remained to rule Silva’s areas were lords and other groups taking advantage of the power vacuum.

Over the following centuries, multiple groups claimed regions of Silva for themselves, fighting over borders. What remained of the Elves spread to other regions, while those that remained tried to recover the remnants of their past. A long and difficult task for many after the war.

Remnants of Elven Past

A common sight across the luscious landscapes of Silva are ruins of the Elven Kingdoms. While the Elves still exist, most of their past got wiped out through both wars, lost to time itself.

What now remains are rumours of treasure and gold buried amongst the area. Ancient relics who hold wealth, knowledge and power, providing a decent price on the market. All of it luring archeologists and treasure hunters alike into the region trying to uncover them.

However, touching things people do not understand leads to dormant creations awakening once more. In the wrong hands it often means disaster, causing troubles with a new power taking over or an uncontrollable force reeking havoc across Silva. Though for the surviving Elven Cultures, they see it as stealing parts of their history for mere profit or stealing from graves.

A New Age of People

As many governing bodies fell during the last war, new groups claimed the region for themselves. From remnants of the great kingdoms to smaller warlords, each with their own goals and ambitions for Silva’s future, some more promising than others.

It makes the region a melting pot for multiple societies of all walks of life, from small settlers to those of Elven heritage. Those that want to start anew, those who want to restore the golden age of Silva, or even a few taking advantage of the lawless landscape Silva became.

Such contrasting groups cause a lot of internal conflict, making Silva’s borders tend to shift a lot. Not many survive for long, with rulers and leaders coming and going throughout its history.

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Fae Shenanigans

While a lot of Elven magic lies dormant across Silva, the influence of Fae also is present amongst the region. Aetheryical Hot-Spots make way for them to emerge across, settling in the more luscious greens of the region. Which leads to many forming a symbiotic relationship with the new settlers.

Fairies form communities with new settlements living near their colonies. In return, both protect one another, from both the mundane to the more magical threats.

Others, meanwhile, revel in messing with clueless adventurers. Pulling their Fae trickery, letting them wander around, or discouraging them from going further in their domain. But some seek out Faekind willingly to learn the deep truths of magic.

Regions of Silva

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Wormwood is one of the bigger victims of the Great Sangfroid War. Struck by the Wormrot Plague, it led to a pandemic making the region uninhabitable, soon to be abandoned. Over the centuries, nature claimed the region as remnants of old Silva fell to ruin.

In the past century, long after the plague’s potency died out, people returned to Wormwood. Recovering what they left behind and decontaminating the last remnants of the plague. But even as people move in, new life had made their homes here long ago.

Covens of hags now claim the region for their own, competing with the new settlers for land. Constant struggles stir only problems with them, causing Wormwood to deal with the threat of their kind. An endless barrage of witchcraft and curses only made harder with mutations of the Wormrot Plague threatening the locals.

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