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Written by Endrise

Have you ever tried to explain nothingness? It's not as simple as you might think.
— Elven Scholar

The Void is a… special place. To this day, scholars and dimensional travellers still don’t fully understand what to make of it, nor anyone who has spent time in does either. To call it even a realm would technically be a wrong term.

The Void is the place between worlds, a pocket of nothingness that exists as a buffer for all realms in the cosmology. Here, the concepts of time and space cease to exist, making it hard to comprehend exploring this place. No up or down, past or present, you essentially are floating in emptiness unless you find yourself gravitating to some terrain that got teleported here.

Existence Vs. Non-Existence

The first encounters with the Void predate most records, as ancient civilisations tell tales of mages opening gateways to it. When exactly it was first discovered is unclear, but as some Fetchlings have told, presumably the first encounters might be millennia ago.

Dating things from the Void has always been difficult, as the plane being devoid of time allows some areas to float around for aeons. Some records even note certain objects might have moved into the past, ranging from a few days to years.

Another common issue is the fact the Void can be very hostile, to the point some people come back traumatised by the so called "Void-born". Apparently the presence of material beings and objects has led to Void Memories manifesting,
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