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Void Memory

Forgotten Memories

Written by Endrise

Space between space, nothingness shaped by existence...
— Void Native

Void Memories are a phenomenon found within the depths of the Void. Remnants of entities and locations that got sucked into it, manifesting as afterimages.

Space between space

Empty Space

Whenever objects enter the Void, their presence pushes back the space between the realm’s nature of nothingness. The moment they leave, such space does not collapse instantly.

Instead, it seems to manifest a temporary copy of the object in question, replicating it out of the shape. The mass can become solid, leading to the birth of a Void Memory.

These entities appear almost identical to the thing they try to mimic, but only on a surface level. Food does not have any taste, flowers don’t have any scent and entities only have surface-level behaviour of the real deal. Most only are but shells of their former self.

Breaking Down

Over time, memories grow more unstable and start to break down. Early signs often have features fade away or chunks break off. Later on, their resemblance only leaves a silhouette in the space they occupy. Within anywhere from a few minutes to weeks, they vanish into thin air.

Oddities also happening during said periods of instability. The most noticeable part is the formation of Dimentite, made from the chunks breaking off the Void Memory.

The second thing that occurs is Void Memories of living things behaving weirder. Making incomprehensible sounds, moving in odd ways or even turning hostile against material beings. Some even report semblances of sentience and understanding other people.

Delving into the past

Void Memories leave a lot of questions to be answered. Scholars across the realms seek to study and explain their existence, why the Void exactly makes them.

Mind of the Void

The biggest theory going around is that the Void somehow remembers what material things appeared in it. It tries to replicate their image, only to struggle and have it fall apart.

This implies there to be a semblance of sentience to the entire realm, which might seem farfetched. Though with the abstract nature of the space between worlds, it might be possible.

Dimentite harvesting

With Dimentite growing from destabilising Void Memories, people see a market in hunting them down. Void Divers journey into the Void seeking said landmarks, extracting as much of the mineral as possible before they collapse. Far from an easy task.

Problems arise when dealing with both entities native to the realm and the sentient Void Memories. Both make the procedure difficult, requiring at least some skill to mine the mineral.

It pays at least well enough that people across the Cosmic Hourglass want to do it.

Occurs in
Metaphysical, Astral

Memories beyond the Void

Although the phenomenon is more common within the Void, it has appeared in other planes. Whenever someone returns from the space between worlds, there are rare occasions a Void Memory appears nearby.

These versions seem to be more stable and can exist for longer periods of time, but are also frequently smaller. Which can make tracking them down difficult. Especially when it mimics a living being.

While most remain harmless until they disappear, it makes people concerned about their level of sentience. Some legends even speak of them killing their original version and replacing them. Though no official records ever state such things to be true.

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Cover image: Natural Law Cover by Endrise


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