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Plane of Fire

Pillar of Flames

Written by Endrise

Everything is on fire: the sky is on fire, the ground is on fire, the water is on fire. Even the fire is on fire!
— Elven Explorer

The Plane of Fire, also known as one of the four Pillar Planes of the Cosmic Hourglass, is a realm of brimstone and magma. For a mere mortal this realm is a death world of the worst kind, said to be like standing on the sun if unprotected. For its inhabitants though, it's their home they fought nail and tooth for.

Everything's on Fire

The plane can be best described in two words: Unbearably hot. From volcanic grounds spewing smoke constantly to the seas that boil, the realm reached temperatures equal to the sun in some scenarios. It's so hot, many travellers actively condemn the idea of bringing flammable materials with you in fear of instant combustion. The ground melts the soles of your shoes, and the air can burn your lungs. For most mortals, it's a death sentence on its own.

Despite the inhospitable nature of the place however, civilisations have sprung about left and right, taking on many forms: walking contraptions moving across the magma seas, fortresses made out of black obsidian to cities built in the cores of active volcanoes. Even in the blazing heat civilisation can endure.

Born from Fire

Amongst the brimstone of the realm, one can find life takes shape, all be it capable of withstanding the intense heats of the scorching plane. While greens and blues are rare here, both animals and plants are heat-resistant goliaths that survive with what they got. From lava sharks to golems made out molten metals, phoenixes to even plants that spit napalm to fend off their predators.

As for civilised races, elementals and other fire-based creatures form grand cities where the ground is stable enough. Genies such as Efreet and their half-blood children Ifrits make their homes here, finding pride here unlike any other race.

Alternative Name(s)
Ignisia, Pillar of Flames
Dimensional plane
Location under

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