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The quintessential bouncer is normally considered to be a big, ugly, brute of a man. I would be more worried about the small silent guy leaning against the doorway, or the lusty serving wench. I have learned that the big guy is for intimidation, while the ones you don't pay attention to are the real muscle. They usually have ways of dealing with the unruly you would never expect.
— Bard to his adventuring party while seated in the Dancing Unicorn



The only real qualifications one needs for this position is the ability to physically remove someone from where they are to where you want them; preferrable outside of the building.

Career Progression

There is only really one way to progress as a bouncer and that is up. From a lowly bouncer to Head bouncer, to bartender; yes the bartender's job includes tossing people out on their ear.

Other Benefits

The benefits of this positoin could be many or none, depending on the location to which you find yourself employed; or your particular skillsets. Many rogues like to try their hand at bouncing for the opportunity to lift a few coins every now and then.



The main purpose of the bouncer is to ensure that the inn/tavern/pub remains peaceful; while forcefully evicting those who decide to cause trouble.

Social Status

Though most bouncers are not considered to be the social elite, they are a vital member of society; though often overlooked by the local citizenry.



They standard tools for bouncers are quite literally anything that makes the offender move. This could be a dagger in the kidneys, a tray across the head, or a large, meaty fist grabbing the offender and hurling him out through the doorway.


The typical workplace is any sort of establishment which serves alcohol. There have been known to be bouncers inside of banks as well.


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