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Census Monitors



Census Monitors are generally elderly and scholarly members of a community that, in most cases, must be literate, have good organizational skills, and have excellent memories. Census Monitors also need all of the information that they are responsible for tracking to be easily understood and acted upon by another in case they suddenly become unable to perform their duties. Usually Census Monitors need another occupations in addition to being a Census Monitor in order to sustain themselves.

Career Progression

Census Monitors generally don't serve large multitiered organizations as their function is inherently local. The exception to this is in larger cities and settlements in which the system of monitoring birthdates is more regulated and systematized. Some who seek career advancement into government positions, such as becoming a mayor, get their start serving their community as a Census Monitor.

Payment & Reimbursement

Typically Census Monitors don't receive any compensation for their work, doing it simply out of a sense of duty. The exception to this is in cities and large settlements in which each Census Monitor has more individuals to keep track of and greater stakes for failing in their task.



The purpose of the Census Monitors is to document and track the birth dates and times of individuals in a community as accurately as possible. The Monitors use this information to ensure that The Walk is carried out at the appropriate age so as to best protect the community in case the child develops Fahreed's Disease. The first of the Census Monitors originated in larger settlements and cities as the stakes of a potential incident involving a child's development of Fahreed's disease can be extraordinarily high in such a setting.

Social Status

Census Monitor's are generally appreciated for their work within their respective communities but, especially in the case of smaller communities, they are seen as easily replaced. In some cultures, the position of Monitor is even seen as an honor to be sought after.


Demographics play a key roll in the Census Monitor's duties as a single Census Monitor can only be responsible for so many individuals. A good city Census Monitor can keep track of 1000 births per year by utilizing connections to local physicians and temples to facilitate the accurate recording and flow of information.
Alternative Names

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