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Guardians of their Homes

All of you are doing your families proud, boys. There's ain't nothing more noble than grabbing a spear and shield and standing ready to protect your home and neighbourhood. Even if at times you'd probably like to drive that spear through a neighbour or two.
  Militiamen are common citizens and residents who have banded together into an organised militia to guard their local region. The laws surrounding militias vary from country to country. On one hand, rulers see them as a threat to the old established order and fear that organised and armed peasants and serfs could threaten their rule, but they are also vital in many places. Without them, malevolent forces could wreak havoc on the countryside.  


Most of the time, different groups of militias organise on their own to protect their local village or region. These bands of armed peasants are common around the borders of nations or in lands ravaged by raiders or brigands. Their chain of command can vary depending on the group and country and the militiamen must supply themselves with their own arms and armour.    

Frontier Guard

Occasionally a local lord or monarch might hire a group of militiamen to bolster the defenses of some crucial location. Since they aren’t professional mercenaries and are uninterested in fighting far from home, the militias will only accept such deals if what they are doing helps with the security of their homes.

Women's Auxiliary Service

While many organisations allow women to fight among their ranks, most prefer to give them less dangerous roles. Women’s auxiliary services accompany the militiamen and provide them with logistics support and medicinal aid. The auxiliary are also armed and receive some training.
Alternative Names
Citizen Guard
Famous in the Field

Olok's Wall

The Kingdom of Enliten has been encouraging the formation of militia organisations all across their country. With the support of local armed peasants the government covers the land in forces who could quickly respond to threats. Some of these groups closer to the borderlands are sent to key strategic locations to guard the realm from external threats. One such location is Olok’s Wall.   Built by the panedur who once ruled over the land, the wall has stood as a barrier against the Aberati for centuries. Though there have been no attacks against the wall since the birth of the kingdom, the people of Enliten still man its walls and remain vigilant.   Despite its importance, the old wall’s stones have been crumbling slowly with the passage of time and the tremendous length of it makes it difficult to defend.


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