Aberati are creatures whose origins remain unclear, but most consider them wicked unnatural aberrations. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and each of these subspecies has their own purpose in their quest to establish dominance over the other species. The vast majority of aberati are mostly unintelligent, only capable of fighting and listening to orders, but the few who lead them can be far more intelligent than an average human.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Aberati are present in Southern, Eastern, and Western Lethea.

Civilization and Culture


The aberati first became known to the people of Southern Lethea when the Invasion began. The Invader had used the less intelligent aberati as frontline soldiers, keeping the more intelligent ones behind and using them to take over the minds of enemy officers. Without such a powerful swarm and the effectiveness of the intelligent aberati, the Invader's conquest of Southern Lethea could have likely been stopped in a conventional war.

Following their defeat and the Explosion at Athe, the aberati scattered across the continent, finding dark forests and caves to hide in. Over the centuries they, using their mind-altering powers, convinced some humans that aberati domination over all life on Lethea would be inevitable and that by serving them, they would be spared from the death and cruel slavery that would fall on the other humans.
Average Physique
Skinny and frail appearance with dense muscles that allow them to grapple larger creatures.
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