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There are many professions and jobs that occupy a niche of their own in the continent of Rethium, and all have their significance within their own social and economical circles. Many jobs are highly sought after and regarded as the most vital and important professions that can be found, while others are shunned and regarded as the lowest of society, a place in which even commonfolk do not allow themselves to reside.
  Amongst these countless undervalued professions resides the Pager.
  The pager is a person who's work surrounds the endless copying and rewriting of various types of documents, in particular historic texts and writings which are in danger of disappearing and wearing away from decomposition or lack of care by those who had originally been tasked with monitoring them. The skills of a Pager must surround proficiency with writing in various fonts and with a keen eye for attention to details and a knowledge of the subjects which they may be tasked with rewriting into a new collection of parchments and books. They have to devote themselves often to long periods of silence and long days and nights of reading and copying text.
  They are a small bunch, and within the capital city of Kitsune County within the country of Opron, there exist some hundred Pagers or more, but it is believed that they are a very select few who had shown proficiency in the necessary abilities required of a Pager in order to be considered for the job. They are paid by page written, rather than by letter or word per minute or hour, so many believe that some Pagers work faster than others in order to make more pay for their work. This is not the case, however, as they are also monitored by a Scribe, a profession which is tasked with reading both the original text and the new variant to ensure that the proper work was conducted by the Pager to rewrite the text. The Pager is paid a modest fee of ten Lodarr per page, and they are paid only when the product has been finished, rather than by the end of the week as many other jobs do. This does mean that a Pager must work for their pay and spend it wisely due to the method of payment, but various unions have argued against this payment method and have made attempts to fix the payments to become weekly so as to provide a more steady income for these undervalued yet vital workers.
  A Pager can be qualified for their work after graduating from their school studies or from their institutions, but must provide a grade average of three-point-oh or above as well as a degree in various languages and history in order to be fully considered for the job and position of Pager. This requirement list is also considered to be the reasoning behind why so few individuals apply for this job, but those who know of the significance are often the reason behind the continued existence of this profession both within Opron and in whatever surrounding countries employ this profession. 
  The Pager is believed to have been birthed from the various religious monasteries and other secluded institutions who's focus was worshipping the religious pantheon. They had been tasked at the time with copying the bibles that they had been given so as to spread them throughout the surrounding towns and to further spread the faith of the gods to the surrounding people.

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