Mana Waste Abatement Worker

"It's kinda working in sewage disposal, but the smell is usually less annoying"



The profession demands a scholarship and practical internship to understand the protocols of mana abatement, training with the beast companion and analysis of terrain hazards. Some cultures having less ressources to offer official worldwide licensing and formations have similar jobs or leaves it to religious cults charged with overall nature safeguard, and are trained by their elders. In the Kingdom of Tränenfeld , the most promising pupils can become Lithoteks if they are willing to follow the requirements for it.

Career Progression

In the Kingdom of Tränenfeld , the most promising pupils can become Lithoteks if they are willing to follow the requirements for it.   Other advancement can come in two types of ways: Investigators for the technical aspects, writing estimate for abatement costs and dispatching the needed workforce. Abjurer : As the name implies, spellcasters having skills in abjuration. They are dispatched to the most riskier tasks where mana wastes are in advanced stages which demands urgent reparation and where regular measures are not enough to clean the vicinity.

Payment & Reimbursement

Most of the Mana Waste Abatement Workers are small instances which have operating building in most countries with enough advanced education and ressources. They usually place those around the highest density of mana wastes. In other countries, they are mostly working solo or in very small group and travel around the countries verifying the current state of where they visit.   In the most advanced countries, they are paid by the government which provides them ressources, payment and tools to operate efficently.

Other Benefits

Outside of monetary benefits, the most offers many opportunities to travel for those that likes such change in their routine. It also increases security for them and their families to safeguard mana wastes nearby their living place in the long term.



The profession provides long term security and health a mana wastes abatement reduces risks of planar rifts , creation of horrors related to unchecked dormant magic circles, and possibles mutations and anima creations.

Social Status

As a usually government-funded profession, this job is usually undervalued by some tax payers, seeing them as glorified janitors, as the effects of a mana waste usually takes time to see it's aftereffects and most don't see the necessity of good mana density in the world outside of exceptionnal stories.



While not really a tool in the huge sense of the term, many MWA workers have a companion called a Manavore: a creature dating from antediluvian times and fey ancestry that solely feeds of magic and mana wastes, and that can scent such mana overloads. Their digestive system can put back the mana to it's purest state which is then released airborne, devoid of risks.   The MWA workers also have varied tools of different natures to interact with the mana wastes and help deconstruct their presence.   A light armor made of special component, created originally in Tränenfeld, helps reduce mana affecting the body is also provided with helmet, shoes and gloves to reduce skin exposition.


Varied alchemical components from various needs are part of the MWA worker's frequent tools. One of them, Nether Salts, is used frequently to help reduce physical mana wastes' integrity and dispatch in in smaller parts to ease dilution by area of effect.

Provided Services

Analysis, Abatement and Removal of Mana wastes that are deemed hazardous in the vicinity of settlements.

Dangers & Hazards

Hazards can happen especially on wastes left unchecked on a long time, and could trigger in advance with insufficent skills and tools.
The job is legal in all parts of Arcamunda. Some in less developped countries don't have certifications and moving to other countries which have certified ones will either need to get the accreditation of experience, or work at a lower price considering the risks.


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