Kingdom of Tränenfeld


  • Kaiser
  • The kaiser is elected through a vote made by all the district representants. The Kaiser remains in position until a desire of retirement, death, or a vote of confidence under 30% is reached.   The Kaiser acts as governor of the Kingdom and deals with diplomatic affairs and important decisions brought upon by themselves or the district delegates. The Kaiser can decide to use their veto to pass a law, but if the majority of the opposite decision was above 65 percent, a vote of confidence can be launched immediately.   The Noble Houses representatives: All representatives are chosen by the nobles of their respective themselves in a secret vote. They have the power to propose a decree by themselves.   The ministers: Chosen by the Kaiser upon crowing, they usually are prominent member of their fields and coming from varied districts and noble houses to bring diversity of opinions.   The district delegates: Depending on the district's size, there can be from 3 to 9 delegates per district. The total goes around 211. The district are updated fairly by members of House Sinicera. Those are not forcefully associated with the most prominent noble houses where they live, but they can. The representative can come from any class, group, religion... as long as they are legal citizens. It is not uncommon to see a good amount of men and women of the people be elected at these roles,as they offer a bigger voice for the population to reach their government.  

Public Agenda

Tränenfeld's public agenda is known to be expansionist and very focused on ressources. The Kaiser and noble houses make it clear they have an immense interest in non-transformed metal and gems, but especially the rare and powerful Netherium. They often say they are the most efficient in working it and thus should have it to protect Arcamunda. This aggressive take occured many battle and political angst with other regions were trading negotations cut short.   A known saying of other culture is that when you find Netherium, Tränenfeldians will find you the next day.


The biggest assets of Tränenfeld are the metallurgy and gemsones. They also have powerful assets in term of mass transportation: a big part of the budget is spent through railworks (which is one of the best mundane transportation in arcamunda), but also naval as they have a considerably big salvaging and navy regimen.

Demography and Population

One region afar from their motherland is the town of Snowshite and his environs, which were given under the ending terms of Starfall's Handover. After this gain, a diplomatic deal was made for Tränenfeld to benefitiate of a railway to also faster trade of ressources through both regions.

"Never let the spark vanish"

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Children of Metal
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Economic System
Mixed economy
The main currency in Tränenfeld is coin-based. In difference to other countries, their coins are squared. They rate from copper,silver,gold and platinum. 10 of one is equivalent to the pricier version, except of platinum which values 100 gold pieces.   Most tränenfeldians uses at times also contracts credits when paying as an excchange of service. To do so, they usually make a common signing with a Note-Warden to officialise the deal and avoid exploits or loopholes.
Legislative Body
The Noble House of Sinicera is usually the main writers of laws and how they are enforced because of the general trust given by the curse of their lineage. All motions are given to the house for verification to reduce possible loopholes and exploits.
Judicial Body
Aside from the usual guard which blends as a part of the military, Tränenfeld uses Justicar when the needs is more grand for a bigger judicial intervention, like cultist activities or drug smuggling. The Justicar and guards are encouraged to carry out judgment if resistance is met and to do so publicly and swiflty. This makes for a violent sight for some people, but the fact they must announce the crimes and proofs feels more legitimate than unspoken takings. The people of tränenfeld are also available for prosecution and debating it, and the presence of witnesses forces the guards to use this behaviour as just as possible to avoid backlash and dire consequences, as Tränenfeld gives good power but bigger responsibility to their armed forces.
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