"If martyr was a remunerated profession, the Lithoteks would be the closest in a dictionnary description."  
  • Simon Varren, Tränenfeld military guidance counselor
  • Career


    Every Lithotek needs a qualification of engineering and complete sefety classes toward Underworld hazards. Specialists from other countries and school can pass a test of equivalence to qualify as a Lithotek, which was made originally by scholars of Tränenfeld.

    Career Progression

    Lithoteks don't have a very long career due to the hazardous expositions they suffer. However, some can reach higher ranks as headmasters of operations. The most prestigious and high risk class being [in progress], where they follow military platoons to extend their turf and ressource exploitations in the Underworld.

    Payment & Reimbursement

    Lithoteks are paid well above the average worker as they are a specialist STEM job, but also because of the dangers for their life and general health hazard they can encounters. They also have retirement social advantages if they ever reach a high number of exposition to the Underworld's toxic components.

    Other Benefits

    This profession is in high regards for most civilisations, especially in Tränenfeld where they originate from. Lithoteks are offered total medical coverage for their position as well as for their family. And also funeral expenses. Some merchants and services in nearby towns also offer them free or reduced price on what they offer as a token of appreciation for their work, helping the city's defense tremendously. It is entirely optionnal to do that, and most Lithoteks prefer paying in full.



    Lithoteks supervise the works in the SillerOfen and operate core tasks demanding engineering expertise. Thanks to their work, numerous industrial smithing tools in the underworld can be operational, giving the town they work for the capacity to create powerful weaponry and tools made with exotic metals and alloys.

    Social Status

    The social status is quite dichotomich over all Arcamunda. Despite the fact they are considered extremely useful to the survival of all, there is a underlying misstrust of them because of their dangerous exposition. Since they wear their bracers which shows their amount of toxicity in their body, many citizens fears to interact to them in any way, in a legitimate fear they could be infected themselves or their family. Many Lithoteks notices this fear, and they often hire deliverers to avoid being an issue. Some try to avoid this segregation and be as supportive as possible, but the medical reasons remains legitimate. To encourage the wellbeing of their Lithoteks, the government of Tränenfeld also offers free medical support and compensation if citizens also have a high rate of toxicity similar to the lithoteks. Since some people in the past centuries tried to abuse of this privilege, medical fraud became a very serious felony which people now don't try anymore.


    Less than 1 in 10 000 person gets enrolled as a Lithotek due to the high requirements and hazards possible. The majority of Lithoteks works in Tränenfeld.


    The origin of Lithotek comes since the arrival of humans in Tränenfeld. After the [redacted event], the underworld town was infested with the toxic fumes they let go to create a commotion. Desiring to get advantages of scavenging the zone and using their tormentor's ressources, especially the forge, they developped research to get equipment and tools to circumvent the zone's volatile hazards. Thanks to that, the humans managed to make use of netherium and many more ressources, and also securise the area to dissuade the underworld denizens to try and reach for the city outside.   Now, their necessity is still the same, but rich patrons sometimes hire their services to make Netherium-made assets.



    Every Lithotek on the workplace is usually equipement with a airtight metallic suit making them look like constructs at first glance. Every suit is equipped with a twin-system for breathing: spare oxygen tanks and also a small tank which auto filters the air below when possible through a filter mask connected on the head.   Aside from other spelunking tool when needed, Lithotek always wear a special metallic bracer which they are locked magically on their wrist. This bracers shows them when they reach a dangerous level of toxicity, as the suit cannot competely cover the exposition. This bracer also produces light on demand.


    While Lithotkek works with a lot of blacksmith components, they also work and transform very rare materials such as Netherium.


    Lithoteks works almost exclusively in the lithosphere of the Underworld, where they work on the most hazardous mines the world has to offer. Outside of working in industrial settlement and forges, they also can be seen joining explorations platoons desiring to secure and scavenge further.

    Provided Services

    Lithoteks specialise in engineering expertise and haxardous substances control. Their knowledge of safety protocol and dungeoneering hazards makes them excellent intel and ressource gatherers for traveling platoons beneath Earth. But most of the time, they offer their services in Tränenfeld, at the SillerOfen.

    Dangers & Hazards

    The life of a Lithotek can be considered more dangerous than the average adventuring life, as they live in constant dangerous exposure, and get sometimes under fire against the dangers beneath the heart. They are often protected by constructs, oozes and military forces, but they can also offer support under violent circumstances.   Most Lithotek deaths can result because of violent altercations with Underworld's races, accidental accute exposition to hazards/trap, or medical death due to chronical symptoms. Although the last one occurs rarely due to the department's carefulness, some Lithotek overworking, or straight up keeping hazardous materials to themselves can provoke middle to long term consequences.
    Alternative Names
    Depth Smiths, Toxic Smiths
    Lithotek are a heavy luxury and few offer their services outside of the Kingdom of Tränenfled.
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