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Set in the homebrew world of Arcamunda, Manarchy is a transmedia project revolving around a high fantasy lore.   Inspired and produced with a euro-anime inspiration by Artist Rafchan, Manarchy aims for a world of rich colors, lore, and adventures. The project also reflects inspiration from classics cartoon aimed at a more mature audience. In Manarchy, the world is colorful and rich, but also ruthless!   One of the first stories in our world will be in the Age of Stars, an event where numerous comets well from the stars to land on the world. Having brought cataclysm on their landing on some lands, but also valuable alien ressources, it stirred political conflicts and a race's toward numerous kingdoms for various reasons. This is an age of Legends, of Heroes. New Races, Warfare, Ressources and other wonders will change the face of Arcamunda forever.   This WorldAnvil aims to deliver simple and efficient details toward the lore to help the community grow and discover our project better. The first pages of a great adventure are getting written, wanna join us to see how the story goes?