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basket weaving

basket weaving is a very important part of the elven empire tough not many people notice this very important profession. baskets are used a lot one of the biggest things that basket weaving helps is the elves put all of the food from the harvests into baskets. basket weavers have perfected there art for many years there technique has changed over the ages. basket weavers are usually a family profession and the work together to create better baskets. basket weavers start at a young age they usually start around 40 years old. basket weavers usually live near rivers and marsh lands to get the resources to create baskets. families usually work on one type of basket one family may work on decorative baskets and another family works on making a durable basket. different families make different baskets in different styles so each basket is different and unique. basket weavers usually make deals with the farmers that they provide baskets and in return they get food. baskets are also bought by travelers and traders that pass by there towns. traders and merchants commonly use baskets so they can carry more goods more efficiently. the best baskets are made by the families that have a bit of magic they use there magic to make more durable baskets and these are very expensive. some even make baskets that can contain more than the baskets should normally carry. basket weaving is noticed but does not get the credit that they deserve some people recognize that this is an important profession but that is usually travelers, merchants, farmers and traders.



there are no qualifications for this profession

Other Benefits

some basket weavers trade there baskets for food.



a very small percentage of the population do this profession.



no tools are used to create baskets


the materials used to make baskets are reeds found along rivers and marshes.


they work at home and go out to gather resources.

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