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Boneshapers are an important if an often overlooked group of people in the world, they take bones and ivory from slaughtered animals be they domestic, wild, or even magical, and turn them into useful tools for every group of people. From burnishing tools, combs, all the way to wands or other magical components a Boneshaper has a wide variety of clientele.



Boneshapers take on apprentices who show an aptitude for the craft, those with experience as butchers or carpenters have an easier transition than most, but for certain tasks, it takes a delicate touch like a jewelers or silversmith. The job of the master is to teach their apprentice what they need to know, sometimes this is from nothing other times they have some basic skills to start with.

Career Progression

From apprentice to journeyman and eventually master.

Payment & Reimbursement

Most work for coin but some will trade their services, usually between other crafters; leatherworkers often trade with Boneshapers.



Producing tools, accesories, and wands.

Social Status

They are often overlooked by the general populace only those with a need tend to pay much attention to the boneshapers.



Mundane bones and antlers are the most common, ivory being rarer, occasionally monster horns or bones can be used depending on the job.


The workshops for Boneshapers have a backroom where they store bones that are not being currently used, they often get them from butchers for more generic work. The main shop has many tables with different types of knives to carve with, the shop itself is well lit if possible by magical means. Foot-operated lathes are frequently used in the general shaping of the bone.

Provided Services

The most common work orders are for tools, bone needles, knife handles, and other basic needs. On occasion, more high-profile jobs will be presented such as an ivory handle to a nobles comb or brush or the handle for a wand.
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