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To train a pigeon

Carrier pigeons are the main way post is sent between cities in Aewyn. But it is rarely thought of, how these pigeons know where to fly and with what mail?
  You see, pigeons are clever, and they have a good sense of direction, but unlike us humans, they don't give a fuck if the mail is issued to someone in Irai or Ywaryn - as longs as they get to do their job. That is why someone has to train specific carrier birds and make sure that the post is delivered to the right place.   Throughout the years, special types of pigeons have been carefully selected and bred - the first carrier pigeons, also called homing pigeons, had an amazing talent of being able to find their home no matter where they were released from. But the modern-day Aewynian carrier pigeon is much smarter than this, and this is due to the intensive training that happens at the pigeon academy.  

Being a pigeon trainer

  From the pigeons are very small, the trainers are tasked with small groups of pigeons, all around the same age. These pigeon "classes" is trained every day in the pigeon academy with all the various skills that are needed for a carrier pigeon; stepping into a harness to have a backpack on the back, knowing the direction of the destination, flying long distances, and being handled a lot by humans.  

The flying routes

  One of the most important tasks for the pigeon trainers is teaching the specific pigeon class the route they will be assigned to. A carrier pigeon is only assigned to one specific route, to make sure they don't mix up routes (pigeons are clever and all that, but we do want the odds of success to be high).   The training is super extensive and takes months before the pigeons are ready for the job. To make out the routes, the pigeons are taken on a daily trip, from their home town towards their destination town, each time increasing the distance taken. Then they are let go and expected to fly home. (Yes, this takes a long time, and there are many cases of failure.)
by CatRobi


  Like any other job, the pigeons get payment for their service, which is also why they seem to enjoy the concept of delivering mail for their human friends. At each delivery town, pigeon hotels are set up, to accommodate the feathered bunch, and they really enjoy these places (they even have baths and comfy areas - yes people, the pigeons are spoiled but they are good at demands)  
by CatRobi



Working hours

  • 6 am to 12 pm - early shift
  • 12 pm to 18 pm - midday shift
  • 18 pm to 24 - night shift


  • You need to not be afraid of birds (yes, believe it or not, this is a requirement, and we will know if you've lied about it on your application)
  • Don't mind odd working hours
  • Willing to clean poop all day long
  • Dedicate yourself to a "class" of birds, that you will have to oversee 24 hours a day when they are very young
  • Yes, you are gonna get pooped on, no, we can't do anything about that.


  • The pay is pretty good
  • You will have your own room at the pigeon academy, where you will be able to take a nap during the day or night
  • Free pigeon entertainment! Wuhu!

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    Cover image: by CatRobi


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    3 Aug, 2021 16:36

    These pidgeon pictures are so cute! And the writing in this article is amazing too.

    4 Aug, 2021 18:18

    Thank you so much! Yeah, I love to draw birbs so I'm happy you like them! - as well as the writing :p