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Coach Guard


Coach Guards are a vital part of society within Axeram. They serve as guards for trade caravans and travellers who are moving between cities. They are held in high esteem by the general public as they have saved numerous lives from the dangers of the wild. Whether that be beasts or bandits.  

Social Status

Coach Guards generally fall into the upper class of society, due to both public appraisal and their pay rates. Their pay being quite high due to the dangerous nature of their work. Despite the expensive rates, most people will save to get at least one guard for a trip as the wilds are incredibly dangerous. Only the very poorest, or the most skilled at combat make trips between cities on their own.  


To become an official coach guard one need only visit their barracks within any city. From their someone can apply to become a coach guard. If the person already has combat training they can be tested. If found competent they will then be sat down through the rules and roles of the job. If someone has no combat training they can pay to be trained though it doesn't come cheap. The training period is normally anywhere between one and five years.   


Originally the role of the coach guard was a job for common mercenaries. People would hire them to protect their travels. However, over time there were quite a few incidents of mercenaries robbing caravans and asking for ridiculous prices. It was eventually decided by a small group of mercenaries to create a company that offered it. Where the guards would be reliable and trustworthy. This was a popular idea that started in approx. 700 M.E in the Dralindur Imperium. In the following years, this role was created in various places within Axeram.
Alternative Names
Coach Escorts

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