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Gravediggers, found all throughout Therrmordia, are the profession responsible for the preparation, internment, and care for corpses that are buried in the ground. 


Death is almost universal in Therrmordia, meaning each culture needs some way to dispose of the dead. While it would prevent corpses use in necromancy, cremation is generally frowned upon due to fire's inescapable connection to Bethrezzigar. Most Therrmordians do not want their mortal remains consumed by the demonic element. Infernalists are the exception to this trend and practice cremation where publicly able. This leads to internment being the preferred method in Therrmordia. 


Gravediggers come in both religious and secular varieties. Annurtess has multiple orders, both clerical and religious, dedicated to the care of the dead. In urban areas Annurtess' orders frequently take care of the entire process. Embalming, available only to the rich and powerful is also carried out by these monks. Outside of the urban centers, it is far more likely the local gravedigger will be a lay person. Clerics are far more spread out in rural areas, and the rarity of secular clergy of the Annurtess lodge and what few there are being rarely assigned to a single cleric parish significantly limits the religious options. Rural gravediggers could still be members of a non ordained religious order, but most rural gravediggers are not. Unlike many professions in Therrmordia, gravediggers do not always serve for life and are rarely hereditary. People intending to do the job temporarily would not sear oaths to join a religious order.   Primordialist cultures, not viewing Annurtess as a deity, are even more dependent of lay gravediggers. This is not absolute, as several Promordialist leaders are pragmatic enough to recognize the value of Annurtess' followers and allow them a presence in settlements, as long as they keep a low profile and do not proselytize.   The service rendered by a gravedigger does not end when the grave is dug, or even once it is filled in. Most gravediggers serve as the custodians of their local cemeteries. This involves not only gardening and upkeep, but often places the gravedigger as the first line of defense if necromancers come looking for raw materials.
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