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To become a Cleaner, a HSA - Homeland State Authority agent must pass their The Red-Line Test, and achieve between 65-80% on their Situational, Fitness, Marksmanship, and Technology tests, and between 95-100% on Details.  They do not need to take any of the STEM tests doctors, engineers, and scientists must test on.  Without these exact qualifications, agents will be pushed into other career paths (for instance, if you score above 80% in Situational you will be fast-tracked to intelligence gathering careers, or if you score above %90 in Fitness you will be fast-tracked to offensive operations. They also need to pass the background checks of Level Clearance Ultra Agent even though they will never achieve this clearance level.

Career Progression

Cleaners start their careers in covering up and disposing of large-scale conflict or public crimes in groups (mostly things with low-security clearances needed as the public know these things have happened, it's a cleaner's job to make it look like it hasn't).  As a cleaner works it's way up the ranks, they take on more and more secretive of jobs, with cleaning up of crime scenes and dealing with bodies of people taken out by Level Clearance Ultra Agent  and Strike Team.  A Cleaner is a vital job to the HIPA - Homeland Inclusive People Authority but it is necessary to keep the existence of this job a secret, especially from the public, so these agents are secluded from the rest of the operation.
The legality of this profession is questionable at best as it is their job to hide crimes that have been committed by the HSA - Homeland State Authority.  If the The BFA - Business First Authority police force or the general public knew of the existence of the type of work, or the details of it done, the HSA - Homeland State Authority would have a large legal/public perception problem on their hands.

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