Track Maintenance Technician

Whether it's the main street of a village or the path to get there, a Track Maintenance Technician needs to keep that path safe. Often these people are called Rangers, but everyone knows all most rangers do is hunt wild animals and then tell everyone about how dangerous it was. The Track Maintenance Technician's job is:  

For Tracks

  • appropriate use of river gravel to reduce mud and preserve the surface of the track
  • remove weeds from the sides of tracks
  • appropriate planting to enhance the travel experience
  • create steps where necessary
  • mark the trail
  • tie brightly coloured markers around branches near or overhanging the track. Markers must be over five foot high otherwise they will be lost to pixies and other mischievous forest creatures.

For paths and roads

Any good Track Maintenance Technician will realise immediately that tending a track and a path are as different as tending a track and a road.  
  • plant wolves-bane along the edge of the path (This is especially important within two miles of a grandmother's cottage.)
  • remove weeds from the sides of the path or road
  • trim the grass
  • fill potholes with sand and gravel
  • keep stone markers and signs clean and legible


Career Progression

Start as an apprentice, work your way up to Track Maintenance Technician and then, with any luck within a few years—hopefully before your back breaks from hauling all that gravel, you'll become a full-blown ranger and be able to make sure other people mend the roads, paths, and tracks for you.
by A,J. Ponder (me)

Job Opening

  Need to eat? Then New Avondale has a job for you. We have extensive paths, tracks and roads that need to be kept in tip-tip condition. In return you get a one bedroom hut and a whole loaf of bread a day. So don't wait take advantage of this opportunity today. Anyone with children need not apply—unless they''re old enough to work on the track. Special conditions may apply.

Cover image: by A,J. Ponder (me)


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