Those who curate the libaries of Villia Antasi Noi are not folk with not enough brains to progress in the organisation. These men and women are in fact some of their brightest. After all, stocking a libary full of scientific, historical and other important documents is not an easy job.
Clímaco Lefèvre

The libarians of Villia Antasi Noi, known more fancily as Archivists, are the vital backbone of the organisation what with their collection, restoration and catogorastion of texts spanning centuries.


History of the Proffession

As soon as Villia Antasi Noi began to grow and cultivate a large and expansive resource of texts at their disposal - most notably through their takeover of the Cuerrean Archimal Library, the father's of such an organisation realised a desperate need to find people dedicated to the restoration and catorgorisation of texts. Orignally, this was to be done by a scholar of the organisation, although it was part-time afterthought, leading to poor organisation of priceless relics. Before the introduction of the archivist proffession, there is thought to have been many texts lost thanks to poor conditions - some before the so-call fall of Duhaum and the sucession of Dayda.

It was a no-brainer solution to introduce the role of a libarian trained to deal with anicent text, espically to an organisation so reliant on prior research and the study of the purest truth.
— A member of Villia Antasi Noi


An archivist is required to have some form of education, in particular in langauges or in the restoration of works. What counts as education is broad, although it is rare to be employed if you have not went to one of the few universisties throughout the continent. Thanks to this, a secondary quasi-qualification is to have money or connections. However, as of recent, they (Villia Anasti Noi) are growing happier to employ antiques dealers or independent linguistics scholars if they have experience in the two feilds that the organisation needs out of an archivist, after realising how small a pool they had orignally drawn with their requirments.

Imagine being of the artisan class that's an archivist, or, heck, a member of Villia Antasi Noi in the first place! Could not be me...
Abigaíl Urquhart, Head Archivist, Currean Branch


While this proffesion is undervalued at large, it grants anyone who is apart of it a great deal of respect in scholarly circles as they are reason such scholars have it easier at finding their resources. They also get a glut of texts to work with, sometimes a pool larger than the average member/scholar of Villia Antasi Noi, and sooner than those members thanks to their duties in maintaining texts.  
Jealously, jealously for the archivits! The greedy bastards get their hands upon those texts and distort them!
— Common sentiment



The Scholar

Most scholars respect the archivists to the highest degree thanks to their duty to make their work easier, although the scholarly veiw upon them is not a monolith. Some scholars think that, maybe thanks to most Archivists being of foereign origin, whether as first, second or third generation immigrants, they diliberaly fiddle with the reccords and texts they codify, organise and (to the best of their abilites) restore. Some think they also hide away 'forbidden texts' which is an utter lie - their beliefs aligning with Villia Antasi Noi; learning should not be constricted.



As with most members of Villia Antasi Noi, they are given the air of caution and suspicion. Besides that, average working folk have very little opinion on them. Why would they? Members are rather rare outside of the upper classes, with their being still a stimga (and sense of wonder) towards members orignating from the merchantile or artisanic classes

As for those upper classes, or those who have to interact with members, they tend to look down upon them maybe due to xenophobia or the nobilitiy's usual way with people lower in rank according to Currean and braoder Chasurian society.

Alternative Names
Librarians, Collectors, Curators
Famous in the Field
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