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Undertakers are those in Karnum who spend their days and nights tending to the dead. Most people usually consider these people to be nothing more than menial laborers, only ever seeing them bury the dead and clean their headstones, however despite what one might think this profession requires much more skill and effort than one might think, and many times, is extremely dangerous. Most undertakers are chosen by the local governing body of whatever graveyard they are taking care of and are paid quite handsomely for their work, about 2-3 times the pay a blacksmith might make in the same town. These undertakers are chosen with care as there are three qualities that these governments look for in their undertakers. Firstly they must be protective of the graveyard, often the governing body will try to choose someone who has a loved one currently interred in the graveyard just so that they can be sure that the undertaker will not let it fall to ruin nor allow it to be robbed. Secondly they make sure that the man has a grim but strong will, needing nothing more but his hours of sleep and his meals to do his work, caring nothing for the extravagances or leisure's he might be missing that day so that he will not abandon his post nor lose moral for keeping it. Lastly he must be a brave and strong fighter, and merciless at that. Many graverobbers have tried to make a quick few gold pieces, bringing with them knives and bows in case the undertaker catches them, but only the very best graverobbers get away with this, most find themselves buried in unmarked graves in a field or swamp near the graveyard, none having mourned them, and no one except the undertaker knowing where they went.   Despite what one might think most undertakers are capable of holding their own and more in a fight. A select few have grown to prefer their shovel over any other weapon but most a learned with the mace, flail, sword, sling, or any other number of other arms which are complimentary upon accepting the job. This is not just to deter graverobbers, although it does an excellent job, but it is also necessary that an undertaker is able to fend off the large number of monsters in Karnum that have an interest in the dead. Many times they will have to be alert enough to slay a necromancer before they can raise a corpse, or strong enough to fend off the ghouls which seek the flesh of those laid to rest, and whether because of laden dark magics that have seeped into the soil or because of a dread necromancer almost all undertakers are no longer phased at the sight of zombie or skeleton, and are all to used to putting them down and returning them to rest. Most undertakers also possess holy symbols, holy water, whatever armor they may be accustomed to, or even a spellbook depending on the undertaker, however these are all things often bought by the veteran undertakers themselves after they realize the true dangers of their duties.
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