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Skin Carver

While they are a loathed kind of men and women, they also dress many of us.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Skin Carvers are the name of a quite unliked profession amongst even the peasantry. They are also known as tanners and create the skins and leathers all around Nimenra. The demand for skins for various goods, like clothes, water pouches and even armour makes them still a necessary evil for many cities to keep. In recent decades, however, new ways of making the process of "Carving" a quicker process and also less polluting have relieved some stresses and evils from outside forces on the profession.

The Status of the Carvers

Many that work as Carvers do that within the family, from father to son, as many don't like the idea of having to deal with excrements and the strong stench that arises from the process of carving. That is why a strong resistance against strong odours, strong hands and arms for the removal and stretching process are essential for the job. The first quality is hard to find even amongst the children of Carvers, it is a learning experience most of the time. The payment of a Carver is more interesting, even as a highly demanded job, due to many other professions working with their products, the payment is less modest. A skin from deer prepared over a year might cost twelve silver or a day's food, in the end. Whatmore is that most Carvers like all tanners face the prejudice of spreading disease, odours and bad waste in towns and cities. This has forced overtime the Carver and tanner districts to the edges of towns and sometimes even outside the walls. Many tanner districts are considered the poorest of the poor despite being on the same level as some other artisans like bakers and butchers in prosperity. This can lead to like the situation in Meadern  on the border of Nilaminra and the Kingdom of Ravero where the tanners district survived mostly intact after the Keepmed Riots compared to the rest of the town.
Alternative Names

Difference between a Carver and Tanner

While some say that they are the same, Carvers do also other work on the side related to skins; many times they create works of art or are able to write in skins and leathers. Carvers do also at times reach out into other professions, like woodcutters for the bark, to lesser the prices if they are themselves able to spend that time. This is, for many reasons, more often the case of smaller communities.

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Aug 1, 2021 00:44 by Cassandra Sojourn

I wonder how this profession will continue to change over time, particularly for their children. If the pay is so low and they are so unappreciated, I can see wanting to change family professions. I’ve witness traditional tanneries before and it is a hot and tiring and stinky business.

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Aug 18, 2021 13:33 by A

Yes, an article inspired me to write about this since it is a job that many forget about. It is an interesting thought on how it will change and how long it survives. The will for change, however, is sometimes pressured by social order and need. But fewer tanneries/skin carvers might equate to more money and/or appreciation?

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