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The Archive is a vast guild-like organization that spans across the planes. Found on almost every major realm, their mission is to categorize and research everything. To be the authority on the known and explored cosmos - and the discoverers of the new. Such a vast network, connected through complex portals, entirely different magic systems, too many languages to count, and innumerable races and cultures requires a solid workbase foundation. The lifeblood of The Archive are their scribes. The lowest member of rank but easily makes up the vast majority of the Archive itself, they're the ones who do almost all of the grunt work associated with keeping such a massive undertaking functioning.



The ability to read, write, and categorize are the very basic functions of a Scribe, but they are frequently expanded upon depending on where they are stationed and what specific job they are doing. Many learn a handful of languages and nation's laws, become versed in whatever world's magic system they in habit - so even if they aren't casters themselves, they still understand its function - and know the political nobility of the area they live, if not the expanded nobility of the continent or realm.  

Administration is their profession, whether that means ushering in Apprentices who may one day become Archivists, sorting field notes turned in, collating those notes into actual books, rewriting old tomes to preserve the knowledge... They need to be neat, organized, and mindful individuals.

Career Progression

Scribe is the entry level to the Archive. They are the apprentices, the secretaries, the grunts of the Archive. They are usually hired on by a Master Archivist, who is one who oversees various departments, but they are under the employ of whomever the Senior Archivist of the area is. Most who become Scribes will never advance beyond this point.   Any who show a particular aptitude in a subject or department may be promoted to an Apprentice to a department, which is the first step into becoming an Archivist.

Payment & Reimbursement

Everyone that works for the Archive is taken care of by the Archive. Room and board is provided, and often required, especially of the upper ranks. Dorms are provided for the Scribes. In areas that are remote or inhospitable, these are necessary. Security is provided by the Archive. In essence, whatever is deemed necessary is provided and most Archivists are more or less taken care of. Scribes aren't given any sort of allowance but many become resourceful in finding ways to entertain themselves or getting paid in other ways. So long as it doesn't conflict or hinder their work with the Archive, what they do in their spare time doesn't matter.

Other Benefits

In some places, being assosiated with the Archive is a pretigeous claim. Even someone as low ranked as a Scribe. The security afforded to one who belongs to the Archive is envious to many on the outside, especially in places that are dangerous. It sets them in a class apart from many, a sort of untouchable beaurocratic class that many are all too happy to have at their various establishments.  

In worlds or cities where the Archive isn't quite as welcome, there is still the sense of home and security provided. The Archive is fiercely protective, and possessive, of its own - people, knowledge, territory.

Administration / Management
Where there is an Archivist, there is at least two Scribes.

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