Palace Maid

Having a good and loyal servant is sometimes more important than having a good friend. Even the families and households of commoners hire maids to help them out with running their farm or business or anything that has to do with a household and while many people look down on these kinds of servants, it is a much needed, stable and well established profession that no one has to be ashamed of. A lot of young people, sometimes as young as five or six years old, begin their careers as maids as a form of education. Their employers often do not hesitate to teach them various life skills and sometimes even things like teaching them to read and write, to establish a cordial relationship, because it is so hard to come by a reliable maid that you can trust your professional and personal life with. This applies especially to the houses of noble families and important figures in society, as they are stuck knee high in intrigues and politics and any wrong move can result in being stabbed in the wrong kind of places. And you really do not want your maid to be the person who does it.   Palace Maids can be of any gender and they are those employed by the royal family. They all live in the royal palace grounds that are almost as big as half of the capital city and they only leave if they are used as messangers to relay important news to other noble houses. There are different maid departements that take care of different aspects of running such a big place as the complex palace grounds (laundry maids, cooking maids, ceremony maids etc.) and then there are also personal maids that serve different members of the royal family. They all have their specific ranks and uniforms and this ettiquette is strictly kept and in general it is considered to be a lot more harder job to be employed in the palace with constant risks of being dragged into some kind of political mess that could cost a person their life. The risk is usually well worth to many people, especially the young ones who are hoping to make enough money to be able to marry well and start their own family well-off in the future.


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