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Ogha's Law Enforcers

"We keep the Law enforcers just in case."
"Ogha is a peaceful world, built on the understanding of how everyone is connected and the only way to happiness is the one we walk together. The law is still true, but we don't need to be forced to follow it."
"I guess they stop aliens that could cause trouble?"
Only the Law enforcers themselves know how often they need to act to prevent a crime or adjust the coexistence rules to keep harmony in Ogha. They do it all in plain sight, trying to make sure that conflicts are solved so smoothly that people don't think about it twice. Violence is necessary only in odd cases.



In a sentence, they protect the peace and order in Ogha.
They achieve that by analyzing the state of things in their respective city or sector, and taking action to stop criminals and conduct reforms when those are needed and fair.

Social Status

Ogha is known for treating everyone with the same respect and care, so they have the same citizen status everybody has, but the job itself is often considered unnecessary vigilance and paperwork.


Long time ago, probably in the second millennium before Discovery, Ogha was much like any other known civilization: nice people who wanted to live happy lives with the people they loved, but not quite sure on how to do it.
The first laws were an early version of the current Ogha's Law, decided by common accord in each settlement and between commercial allies and neighbors.
People could give the law any interpretation they find convenient. Others would ignore it whenever they thought the law wasn't fair to them.
Law enforcers' job was to deal with those situations by warning, threatening or imprisoning the offender. Soon enough they found out that it was necessary to make more clear and specific rules, and they worked on that too, which led to the creation of the first General Law of Ogha that lasted until the year 1003 of Discovery.
Back then, law needed to be enforced, you know? Because that poor people would fight for absurd reasons. Even for objects! They would use their skills to hurt each other and whenever someone had any kind of power that others didn't, it was like a new predator outnumbering its prey in an already unbalanced ecosystem. The strongest and the weakest were always trying to break the law.
— An Ogha's citizen
With the development of the current Law and the famous Ogha's philosophy, those specific rules are not used often, and it's very unusual to find a local trying to hurt their neighbors or cause trouble. A few law enforcers are more than enough, and their job is often one of mediation. This is the ideal The Society pursues for the Peacekeepers.


Alternative Names
Public Services
If you notice that you need them, they aren't doing a good job.
0.2% of Ogha citizens are Law Enforcers.
The type and number of related activities vary between locations.


  • Empathy
  • Mediation skills and Understanding of human behaviour
  • Knowledge on Ogha's law (including specific rules)
  • Problem resolution skills
  • Fighting skills (preferably voice magic abilities)

Payment & Reimbursement

Peace, order and—for the odd selfish person—the satisfaction of a job well done.      

Dangers & Hazards

Occasionally, an ill intentioned person or group may try to cause harm or death to a law enforcer, even in the current age. It's particularly dangerous when these people belong to Ogha and operate in secret. There are some precedents of friends and relatives being caught in this kind of danger.


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