Bloodscrapers, also known as Meatscrapers, are a largely unappreciated part of the Burdesome City of Gelethis' lower stratum. The work is grueling and thankless but absolutely vital to the maintenance of peace, order, and quality of life in the city.



Any able-bodied adult is qualified to work as a bloodscraper. Typically, the poorest members of Gelethian society are forced into the role for lack of desirable skills and experience. Furthermore, debtors and petty criminals are often sentenced by the Đugrykkölla to serve time as bloodscrapers.



Rags, mops, buckets and sturdy knives are the cornerstones of the bloodscraper's arsenal. Those with a bit more skill that manage to find work in noble houses or with butchers shops are afforded the convenience of custom metal tools to make their job easier.

Provided Services

Bloodscrapers, as a rule, deal with pure titansblood and the less potent version shed by titanspawn. Whether it is blood from the Great Titans that somehow makes it through the barrier surrounding the city or blood from butchered titanspawn, bloodscrapers are tasked with cleaning up and disposing of the blood before it can spawn pests or cause other problems.

Dangers & Hazards

Though unlikely on any given day, when a big bloodspill occurs at the leading edge of the city, in the process of cleaning up the scene, the bucketfulls of titansblood the bloodscrapers carry away from the scene might spontaneously birth titanspawn. Though these titanspawn are inevitably small due to the limited volume of blood, they are still rather dangerous and must be disposed of as soon as possible before they can reproduce.
Alternative Names


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