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Ðugrykkölla, also known as the Church of Köll, is the state religion of the theocratic Exarchy of Gelethis. The nominal leader of the earthly Church is the exarch of the Burdensome City of Gelethis, but besides the exarch making certain proclamations, matters of the faith are largely handled by the appointed supreme pontiff who acts in consultation with and according to the will of the exarch.


At the top of the hierarchy is none other than the god worshiped by the church, Einäg-Köll. Second to him is the exarch, who acts as an intermediary between mortal concerns and the will of the divine and who serves as Einäg-Köll's earthly representative.   Below the exarch is the supreme pontiff, whom he appoints from the eight great pontiffs that preside over the eight dioceses of Gelethis. It is however, possible for the exarch to choose any given member of the clergy.   Below the supreme pontiff are the eight great pontiffs who each tend to one of the eight dioceses of Gelethis. They are elevated from the common clergy by the supreme pontiff and serve until death or until another supreme pontiff removes from from office.   After the great pontiffs are the common clergy. Although each parish may have a "head priest," in the event of being assigned more than one clergyman, this is purely a construct of administrative convenience and not an official position in the eyes of the Church. All common clergy are considered equal in terms of rank and authority.   After the clergy are the laypeople who are expected to tithe a portion of their income to the church, which also collects taxes in the name of the exarch. Below the laypeople are the non-believers, who are to be interacted with sparingly, the faithless, who are to be given a wide berth, and the heretics, who shall not be suffered to live for any longer than is necessary.

In Winter's Bitter Bite, Let Einäg-Köll's Light Warm You.

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