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Prompt 20: The Cleaners

The Cleaners are always there cleaning up the messes left by everyone in the city. The question is do they dispose of everything or keep some as leverage. Don’t forget they work for one of the Noble Families who was the bottom rung and now has risen to power by just handling our trash. - Crazy Jim
The Cleaners is a profession that handles the trash and cleaning of the city. Thanks to them the city is overflowing with trash from the large population that calls it home. They also deal with cleaning up any damages done by storms or other disasters. They have also been used to dispose of dead bodies.   The name cleaners are a over simplify name compared to the types of tasks they perform. Doing more than cleaning as they sometimes handle repairs and even maintaince of the things that work in the city. They are not seen as important to most in the city even though without them the city would fall apart.   They have also dealt with the pest and creatures that seek to infest the city proper. Which have given some cleaners the skill of warriors as many of these creatures are highly dangerous.



A can do attitude and the ability to stay quiet about the stuff you clean. Any additional skills will be trained as you progress in your career.

The Cleaners Open another furnace in the Slums

With the opening of the new furnace complaints of air pollution has risen in the surrounding area. Spokesperson for the Cleaners has done there best to downplay the pollution by praising job growth and the push for a cleaner city. Critics have also stated that even with the new furnace, cleaners have mosty operated outside of the slums. - The Salire Times    

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