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Couriers are people in Intelakk that are adventurous, but not willing to risk their life as an adventurer. Couriers carry letters, supplies, and samples for the scientists, scholars, artificers, mages, and citizens of Intelakk. Many couriers are currently working for the biologists in the Jungles of Iek, but some work for researchers elsewhere.
Everything that a courier carries is public and can be seen by any person, unless a person pays for a private courier, or their item to be private. A courier may deny someone the ability to see what they are carrying, if the courier chooses. A courier cannot deny another courier asking to see what they are carrying, unless in the need to deliver on time.
Without the transfer of information and materials, many discoveries made in Intelakk would be slowed or even impossible.


A courier is given free food and shelter. Also, anything that is needed to perform the job, such as a horse, is provided.
A courier is paid based upon the estimated time it would take to travel, but is paid more for early arrival and paid less for a late arrival. The pay rate is five silver pieces a day traveling, an additional five for each day early, and one less for each day late. A courier is almost always tipped by the receiver of the items.

Public Views

Many of the people that couriers help never thank them, and some of these researchers talk about couriers like someone would an animal that is viewed as barbaric and gross. Despite what the researchers think, couriers are very important to their work. It is nearly impossible, however, to find an Intelakkite researcher that thinks couriers should be removed.
Most citizens are grateful for couriers, however. The closest thing to a postal service that Intelakk has is the couriers, so the only way two nonmagical people in Intelakk can communicate is through the couriers.


You can carry an additional number of pounds equal to your Strength score. Additionally, you have proficiency in land vehicles.
Public Services

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