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Early Education Magic Teachers



It is required for someone of this profession to be strongly proficient in magic, and have a strong background in both standard and magical education, and be extremely good at childcare. They are also required to have a completely clean record, especially when it comes to children and interacting with them, and anything more severe than a minor infraction is generally completely intolerable when it comes to getting a position in this career. Depending on schooling practices by region, this either requires proof of prior profession, higher level degrees in continued education, or other forms of validation proving that the person has met all required prerequisites.

Career Progression

When first entering this profession, most teachers will enter a student teaching or apprenticeship phase which will last for between 1 and 4 years depending on the individual school, and when they complete the apprenticeship task they are typically put into a probation level of teaching. After about five years of that, they are placed into a full time full position. They then, after typically working for over thirty years, they can advance to a senior position where they are essentially in charge of all the other members of the staff.

Payment & Reimbursement

The reimbursement is surprisingly low for the amount of work that this job requires, typically very close to whatever the minimum wage is for that area.

Other Benefits

Early Education Magic Teachers get very little recognition for the work that they do, there are very few actual benefits to working the job other than the sense of completing a societally vital job and helping young children flourish.



This job is essentially a kindergarten teacher for young children born as sorcerers, to help them hone their magic from a young age to prevent them from becoming incredibly destructive as a child. They also are responsible for large amounts of childcare and early education, and are responsible for maintaining the health, safety, and education of magical toddlers, ranging in ages from 3-6.


There is a relatively high demand for this job, and usually at least 3-5 people in any given town work in this position, or more depending on population. The demand is high and almost every child who is born a recognized sorcerer has learned with one of these teachers at some point in their life.
Alternative Names
Sorcerer Kindergarten Teachers
It is a staple, in literally almost every single area on the planet


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