Spell Stone Miner


Payment & Reimbursement

In the Colonies: Most miners are slaves or contracted prisoners', so room and board.  Dwarves, Elves and The Free State of Ichachu: Miners make a comfortable living of around 600 silver pieces a month.



Spell-Stones are the most important resource in Rilloria. They are used in all spell crafting and magical item creation. Mining these stones are the only way to have access to the power these stones hold outside of a standing stone circle.

Social Status

In the colonies it is considered the lowest caste job. Most miners are prisoners or other slaves and don't have much of a choice.    In the dwarven and sea elf communities it's considered a profession of the highest regard. Whereas in the Free State of Ichachu it's a skilled unionized profession that places firmly in the middle class.


In the Colonies: 60% of the population are working in some capacity in occupations surrounding Spell-Stone Mining. A majority of these are slaves or contracted prisoners.    In The Free State of Ichachu: 40% of the population are spell-stone miners. That number is decreasing as well.


Mining of spell-stones is a relatively new trade in Ullia. It's an ancient trade in Artia, the dwarves have been mining for millennia. In Ullia mining only recently started with the colonization of the eastern coast by Artans. Mostly the profession is held by slaves and prisoners as most of the upper class do not want to risk their health in the mines. But when the Free State of Ichachu won their freedom, a new class of miners came into being, along with a whole slew of other professions.


Dangers & Hazards

Stone Lung, cave ins, landslides, and explosions are common in this line of work.
Raw Materials Gathering
High, Vital Piece of the Economy
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