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"Mom, who is that man?" The small Human child pointed at a man, hanging from the side of one of the massive roots of the Northern Roots.   "That's a treefixer. He is there to make sure people don't fall off."   As the mother spoke, the Treefixer stabbed a post into the root. He then climbed over the side of the tree, dragging a small ribbon alongside him.   "So, he's the one that puts the nets down?"   "Yes. Make sure to thank him if he gets close. He is awfully helpful for us."   The child smiled and nodded happily, but would never meet the Treefixer. That day, the Treefixer moved from the Northern Roots to the Northeastern Roots, creating over 400 feet of netting and metal posts to give people another chance at survival.
"How many of them are there, mom?" The child asked as she prepare a meal for her mother.   "Who?"   "Treefixers."   "Oh. There are hundreds. Thousands."   "What? How come I've never seen one before?"   "Well, our tribe is safe. The Treefixer is preparing netting and posts for another tribe that the Chieftain wishes to set up."   "Oh, so they're like builders."   "No... They just set up the nets and posts. They're to ensure idiots don't fall off of the tree and hurt themselves. Now, how are those berries looking?"   The child confirmed that they were being made well and would never really think about the Treefixers again.


Talented climbers and safety technicians, Treefixers are the first step of settling a new tribe on the Roots, Branches, Midtrunk, or High Branches. Since the Roots can rise up to 100 feet in the air, it is important to ensure that civilians don't fall off and harm themselves due to intoxication or darkness. The Treefixers place nets around the circumference of the town or pathway. They also create ladders to escape the nets.
Treefixers are often looped in with builders, but their roles are largely different. Treefixers patrol the bottom of the town after the nets are built to ensure that younger children or intoxicated adults did not get wrapped up in the nets. Thanks to their combined efforts of building and patrol, Treefixers have saved tens of thousands of lives.
Unfortunately for them, Treefixers are often ignored. Many races teach their young how to climb or fly almost immediately, which can save lives itselves. Treefixers are also isolated, compared to climbing teachers or parachute builders. This leads to a slow, boring life of safety management that is often overlooked... Though never by those whose lives were saved by them.

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