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Promeran Mail & Delivery Service

We live in the type of world where it's easy to get lost in the daily business. Surviving, working, paying taxes to the crown, the natural dangers that populate the wilderness outside of the established and well-defended towns and cities. It's easy to get lost in the restlessness caused by the rise in organized crime in the country when you are trying to ignore the existential dread of knowing a giant monster attacked and tried to tear down the city. It is as if the country collectively decided it wasn't attempting to understand that tragedy, but instead decided to continue to focus on the more familiar dangers of the world.    And that notion means turning to the granular & mundane that sits neatly on the doorsteps of the homes of the kingdom of Promera. The Promeran Mail & Delivery Service makes sure that it shows up to your doorstep. The Promeran Mail & Delivery Service is a miracle in and of itself. The Kingdom sometimes feels as if it's held together by nothing more than trade routes and a strong sense of will (and the military of course). Yet the Promeran Mail & Delivery Service has found a way to operate despite the town and territories less-involved attitudes.    Each town or city can set up their own mail delivery service, but they have to abide by particular guidelines to ensure that the whole system works well enough. There are categories of deliverers, local, runners, animal, and magical. The cost of the various manners differs, with magical information sending being the most expensive since it is the most rare. Runners are mail carriers that travel long distances between towns. All mail carriers are recognizable by their red trimmed outfits and large hats with a painted envelope on the front.

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