Adventurers! Heroes! Saviors! Warriors! Songs are sung of them all! Do you know who they DO NOT sing songs of? The Blacksmith who made that mighty hero his sword, armor and shield that helped him with that mighty fight against evil. No, never the craftsman who spends hours over the forge crafting the mighty shield with the symbol everyone knows of emblazoned on it. Never the apprentice who struggles to learn new techniques, while keeping the forge lit, that he may use one day to make the armor that saves his son's life. Never us. Never our blood sweat and tears. They drop off the gold and think all is well. We are but servants to them eh? Still, there be a few who genuinely respect us. Those few are the ones you take care of. Those are the ones who "accidentally" get a dozen more arrows in their quiver than they paid for, the ones who get the special sealant that protects the armor from the mouths of Rust Monsters, the ones who get a little enchantment they didn't pay for that just might save their lives. These are the ones we care for.



All Blacksmiths must be certified by the city guild of Blacksmiths in the city they wish to set up shop. Only those of the rank of Adept or Master can open a smithy of their own in a city.

Career Progression

Everyone begins as an Apprentice under the tutelage of a Master. After 5 years, the Apprentice will be given a piece of work that combines all basic techniques taught to them. Should the Master judge the work as well done and without flaw, the Master shall grant his student the title of Journeyman. After 5 additional years of study under the Master, learning new and complex techniques, the Journeyman may once again create a piece of work to be judged by the Master utilizing all techniques learned thus far. Again, should the Master judge it well made and without flaw, they bestow the rank of Adept to their student. Finally, after 5 more years, during which time, the student shall develop their own new technique or signature style, they shall again offer a piece of work to be judged by their Master. Should the Master judge it to be exceptional and unique in style or technique, he then grants the title of Master to their student.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment is given in coin and always based upon the work/item requested/repaired.

Other Benefits

The thanks of their customers but nothing more.


Provided Services

Repair of any broken metal Armor, Weapon or the like. Creation of said items in addition to: Horseshoes, Nails, Ball Bearings, Buckles, Shields, Metal tools and Finishing of metal work.
Alternative Names
Anvil; Smithy
Blacksmiths are needed in the smallest towns to the largest cities.
Famous in the Field

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