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Aaus (pronounced "owwww-s") is a simple smith, laboring away in his grandfather's forge in a small town. He feels like his work is pretty good, but he's really not sure why nobles and knights and two kings (so far) keep coming to make commissions from him.   The secret is Aaus' smithy, inherited through his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, and originally enchanted by a wizard's apprentice who couldn't pay for the repairs he desperately needed. Aaus' great-grandfather kindly offered the work for fee, if the young apprentice could just show him "a touch of magic". Each year since then, the apprentice, now a powerful master mage, has returned to secretly re-enchant the smithy and continue the ensorcelment that he feels most strongly connects him with the common people.   The steel worked in Aaus' smithy comes out lighter, harder, and much more durable than ordinary steel (roughly equivalent to Titanium in modern society) although it lacks the mirror-shine usually preferred. The farms in his neighborhood are well-equipped with fine ploughs and equipment that has rarely needed sharpening or repair since Aaus' great-grandfather's day. The smithy also allows him to work for longer and harder without exhaustion, an enchantment which many Dwarven master-smiths would kill for.     Although Aaus' work is good, it is not master-crafted, just very durable. The orders he has had people make often include Aaus doing the basic work and then being taken to another smith for adornments and decoration. Polishing it is possible, but conceals that it is "greysteel" work, which some people prefer.   Statistics: The steel worked at Aaus' forge comes out at half the regular weight, -1 to the armor check penalty (if any), and +5 to the item's Hardness. He charges only Players' Handbook prices for his work, but is often given a bonus for the quality he produces. If buying this "greysteel" from anyone else, increase the price by a minimum of 20%, but more likely up to 100%.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Short Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Character Portrait image: Runar by Ekaterina Burmak


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