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Ah humans, such an interesting species. One of their great strengths is in their ability to adapt. Freezing cold, scorching hot, humid jungles, dry deserts, rolling hills with plains or humble forests humans will be found in all. While young compared to the other races, their drive to achieve greatness is beyond compare. They are the innovators, explorers, achievers, pioneers, thinkers and dreamers of the world of Arelia. Although humans live less than a century, they make up for this in other ways. Humans leave lasting legacies. Temples, libraries, governments and law ensure their traditions last long past their individual lives. Sacred orders are founded to ensure lasting protection of sacred sites or powerful secrets. It is in these ways, humans achieve immortality. Many humans seek glory, power, wealth and fame as goals that harness their ambitions. No two humans are the same. As a result of their desire for exploration, many live all across Arelia. Humans have varying skin tones ranging from nearly black to very pale and everything in between, height ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet tall and weight ranging from 125 pounds to 250 pounds. As the adaptive species they are, it is quite common to meet a human with a dwarven, elvish or gnomish name. Names will have origins from any of the races of Arelia with traditions and customs to match!
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